Wormhole (Rho Agenda #3) Review

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Wormhole (Rho Agenda #3) ReviewWormhole by Richard Phillips
Series: The Rho Agenda #3
on 11-20-2012
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 539
Format: Audiobook
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When the Rho Project’s lead scientist, Dr. Donald Stephenson, is imprisoned for his crimes against humanity, the world dares to hope the threat posed by the Rho Project’s alien technologies is finally over.

The world is wrong.

In Switzerland, scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider have discovered a new threat, a scientific anomaly capable of destroying the earth—and only Rho Project technology can stop it. In exchange for a full pardon, Dr. Stephenson agrees to create a wormhole that will send the anomaly into deep space. But his promise masks the alien agenda that brought the Rho Ship to earth.

Now a trio of altered humans, Heather McFarland and Mark and Jennifer Smythe, must infiltrate Stephenson’s wormhole project and stop it, no matter the cost. The ultimate battle has begun and, this time, mankind cannot afford to lose. The final installment to Richard Phillips’s Rho Agenda trilogy brings the epic tale to an explosive conclusion that will echo long past the final page.

The third book in the Rho Agenda, Dr. Stephenson has initiated a catastrophe that will destroy the Earth in 9 months. Only he knows how to stop it, and he uses that to get out of prison. Once released, he works towards the guise of fixing the blackhole, but in reality, he is working on his own plans that pose an even greater threat to humanity.

This book had a lot of non-stop action and I really enjoyed it. And it was very enjoying to see the series come to an end, with us learning the fates of all the characters, including Dr. Stephenson. It also finally revealed all about the Rho ship aliens and what their plans for the Earth were. I continued to dislike Dr. Stephenson and Jennifer, but they had big parts to play in the end. The author also did a great job of making me sympathetic for Rauel, and Jack continued to amaze.

Overall this was a great conclusion the series, and by far the best of the three. I’m looking forward to reading the book about Jack’s backstory (Once Dead).

I listened to the Audible version. The narrator is extremely good and manages to do quite a few different voices. No issues at all with the narration.

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