Weavers (The Frost Chronicles #3) Review

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Weavers (The Frost Chronicles #3) ReviewWeavers by Kate Avery Ellison
Series: The Frost Chronicles #3
on 1/31/2013
Genres: Dystopia, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 290
Format: eBook
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Every day, life in the Frost grows increasingly perilous for its inhabitants. The Farther occupation continues, and food is becoming scarce. And Lia Weaver’s family is facing increasing perils, too—Jonn pushes his health to the brink as he works to uncover the secrets of Echlos, and Ivy risks everything to get food for the family. And for the second time, the Weaver family is harboring a fugitive, but Lia doesn’t trust her.

Lia has personally braved many struggles—a Farther occupation, family secrets, a heart torn between two men, and Watcher attacks—as she struggles to keep her family safe. But now she will face her greatest challenge and uncover the Frost’s deepest secrets as she completes her most dangerous mission yet for the Thorns.

In the third book of the Frost series, Lia and the Thorns search for a mysterious device called the PLD. The Farthers continue to oppress and restrict the village. Jonn works to unravel the mysteries of his father’s journals. A new Thorn commander comes into the area and sends Lia on a dangerous mission.

This was an amazing book with non-stop action… things just keep getting worse for the people in the village and the Thorns are doing more and more. Lia goes on a special Thorn mission and then everything changes… I can’t talk about it without spoiling the story, but suffice to say it was my favorite part and a huge reveal. More of the mysteries are unraveled…about the Thorns, Echlos, the Watchers, the history of Iceliss, etc. And Lia continues to grow into a strong character who would do anything to save her people.

This was such a great read for me, and a very enjoyable one…probably my favorite of the series so far!


About Kate Avery Ellison

I’ve been making up stories since I was five years old, and now I’m thrilled to be able to do it as a full-time job. I have an obsession with dark fantasy, dystopian futures, and Pride and Prejudice-style love stories full of witty banter and sizzling, unspoken feelings. When I’m not writing, I’m creating digital art, reading funny blogs, or watching my favorite shows (which include TVD and BSG). I live with my geeky husband and our two bad cats in Atlanta, GA.

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