Strikeforce [Skyship Academy] (YA SciFi) Review

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Strikeforce [Skyship Academy] (YA SciFi) ReviewStrikeforce by Nick James
Series: Skyship Academy #3
on 10/8/2013
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 360
Format: Paperback
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Two brothers battle for one planet's fate

Earth is under attack by the alien Authority. Cassius Stevenson and his brother Jesse Fisher, descendants of the planet Haven’s resistance forces, are the catalyst and key to marshaling Earth's remaining resources and warding off the invasion.

But the Authority has only begun to fight. Their terrible new weapon sends Earth's defenders—Skyship soldiers, the Surface government, and an army of Drifters—into turmoil. Alliances shift, traitors are revealed, and soon Earth's last chance at salvation lies in the hands of one brother who must make the ultimate sacrifice.

In the third and last installment of Skyship Academy, Matigo and the Authority have arrived on Earth to destroy all humans and take the planet for theirselves.

This book hits the ground running and is non-stop action the entire time. There aren’t a lot of slow moments and not as much character development and drama this time around. The novel is solely focused on the plot and action as it works to resolve the war and resolve all the lingering threads. It is a race against time as Fisher and Cassius continue to discover their abilities and destiny, and fight to gather their forces before Matigo does. If you look at all three books together, they were basically building up to this book and this is the payoff, when everything comes to fruition.

Overall, it was a quick and fun read, and we get to continue following all these characters we got to know from the first book. And in the end, it comes back full circle. Unlike some other trilogies I have read, I have no qualms about how this series ends, and I think the third book is a solid bookend to the series. If you’ve read the first two, then you owe it to yourself to get this book and see how it all ends.


About Nick James

I grew up in the small island town of Anacortes, Washington, where an active imagination was often a prerequisite for a good time. No shopping malls, no movie theater, etc, etc. My first brush with publishing was in third grade, where we were encouraged to not only write stories, but to publish, bind and present them. I think the teacher got more than she bargained for because I was soon amassing quite a personal library of colored-paper bound sagas.

As a kid, I was a voracious reader of comic books. Of course, they didn’t sell them anywhere in little Anacortes, so it was a thirty-mile drive “off island” to get them. At that age, it wasn’t even about the pictures. It was one hundred percent the stories. I was always attracted to the big drama and dialogue.

I started writing seriously when I entered college. Five “practice” novels later (some weirder than others) and I started querying what was to become Skyship Academy. Then I was lucky enough to find a fantastic publisher in Flux. And next comes the moment when I get to share my debut novel with readers!

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