Roc (Book 2 of the Histories of Purga) Release and Interview

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Roc (Book 2 of the Histories of Purga) Release and InterviewRoc by Rustin Petrae
Series: Histories of Purga #2
on 8-10-2013
Pages: 473
Format: eBook


Wilhelm Coran is amassing more and more power as his Blak Army washes over Purga. Now, he finds himself face to face with the Terraqouis nation's army but he might just have enough strength to crush them into the desert sands.

The only chance for Purga, and the people that inhabit it, lies with the very unlikely pair of Rone Varlamagne and Keiara, a Rook Prince and the daughter of the Terra Chieftain. As Rone searches the ends of the earth for Keiara, he soon realizes that finding her is the least of their problems.

Together, they must fight for their lives as enemies become friends, friends become enemies, and the world keeps falling to darkness.

Chaos is growing..

Roc (Book 2 of the Histories of Purga) has just been released and to celebrate, I have an interview with author Rustin Petrae. I was honored to be a beta reader for Roc and highly recommend it to all my readers.

I also have a giveaway from Rustin Petrae with 5 digital copies of Book One: Dragon, and one grand winner who will receive a digital copy of both Book One: Dragon and Book Two: Roc. See the giveaway link at the end of this interview.

How did you come up with the idea of the Histories of Purga novels?

I came up with the concept for this series because I really love both sci-fi and fantasy. I wanted to create a world where both of them existed, at the same time, and in the same place. Because of the contradictory nature of technology and magic, naturally the two different races would hate each other. The rest of the story flowed from there. Purga is a unique world. It’s a place where little machines can create whatever you need and a place where people can speak to nature and transform into the animal that best represents their inner nature. It’s also a place where a certain few can manipulate the world around them and bend it to their will. It’s full of good and it’s full of darkness, only time will tell which side defeats the other.

These books cover a few different genres…sci fi, fantasy, and even a little romance and religion. Did you plan on the major theme of technology vs. nature/magic or did it just happen as you wrote it?

The nature vs. technology theme of the books was definitely the major inspiration behind them. All of the ideas that I have stem from that. One of the biggest things, however, that I wanted to accomplish with the Purga novels was to sort of show how ridiculous preconceived notions can be and how ignorant you look when you let the stereotypes you believed in rule your thoughts and actions. For example, how Rone was shocked to hear that the Terraqouis were vegetarians and were actually disgusted by the thought of eating the flesh of any creature, including the Rooks. I also highlight this idea with King Rowan and Tarvo. The extremes they’re willing to go because of their hate is what drives a lot of their decisions in Book Two.

Did you find the series to lead you in unexpected directions, or did you have an outline planned out in advance?

This is a great questions and actually a really tough one. I do plan out the entire book. I outline it and I make sure that things happen when they’re supposed to, but at the same time, the book will sort of take a life of its own. It will lead me down different roads than I had actually planned on and I’ll love it. Writing is such a hard task. You can be meticulous in everything but you still have to leave room for it to take you where it wants to take you. It happens that way in everything that I write.

How did you get into writing, and what kind of strategy do you use as you write the book?

My passion for creating characters and new worlds really got started when I was living in Misawa, Japan. My friends and I loved to create these awesome cartoon characters. They would have personalities, sayings, powers, all of that. I loved it so much that I just never stopped. I was always drawing new characters and then writing about them. It took me a long time to actually finish a book, mainly because of my pension for over criticizing myself, but I never gave up. I will always write. I will always create my own little worlds and fill them with my characters. It’s too much fun to stop.

The story presents an interesting twist on the Roanoke mystery and a lot of the places are based on North Carolina. You’re in Ohio and from Texas. What drew you to North Carolina history?

I was born in Texas and I live in Ohio now, but I actually grew up overseas in Japan and Korea. Because of that, I think, I really didn’t have a solid connection with any one place in the States. I learned a lot about its history in school and there were several things that really peaked my interest. The Lost Colony of Roanoke was one of those places. I always imagined what sort of things occurred to make an entire group of people just disappear without a trace. I just took it one step further and wrote a novel about one of my theories.

Many authors have a full-time job and write on the side. How do you balance work and writing (and family)?

Another great question. This is probably the toughest thing about being an author, especially an indie author. It is also one of the reasons why Book Two: Roc is a month late getting out. I recently got hired on as a head artist. Needless to say, I am still working out the kinks in balancing everything out. It’s hard. There’s a lot of things that keep me busy when before, I had a lot more time to write. I am hoping that soon things will level out and I can get a better rhythm going.

What novels are you working on next, and you can describe them?

That is classified information. Just kidding. I actually have a non-stop flow of ideas. Some of them don’t work and I throw out, some only work as short stories and keep, and others are full-fledged novels. The current breakdown I have going is this: the Histories of Purga and the Bane Pack novels are the two series I am currently working on. When those are finished I am going to get to work on my next two series, the Indestructible books (the first one is actually already done and was the first novel I ever wrote to completion) and the Guardian of the Gods books (which is a series involving the Olympian gods and my spin on them). I am really excited to work on those books but I am trying to pace myself. I will also be coming out with my first ever collection of short stories, called Forfeit, between Roc’s release and the release of Blood Ties: The Second. So stay tuned!

What is your favorite genre? Do you have any favorite books you’d like to share, or favorite authors?

Way, way too many to choose just one of each. I like sci-fi and fantasy, as you all know by now, but I also love the supernatural and paranormal stories. I am a huge fan of the super-hero genre (which inspired my Indestructible series) and I also like mysteries (although I will probably never write because I doubt I would be very good at it). One of my all time favorite books are the Dresden Files and the Codex Alera books by Jim Butcher. The man is a genius. I also love Stephen King, Terry Brooks, Christopher Paolini, J.K. Rowling, and so many others. The list could literally go on for an eternity.


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About Rustin Petrae

I’m Rustin Petrae, a graphic designer out of Ohio. I was actually born in San Antonio, Texas but spent nearly half my life overseas. I grew up on Misawa Air Force Base, Japan and then went on to Seoul, South Korea and then onto Osan Air Force Base, South Korea where I graduated from Osan American High School. I loved that life. I loved living in a country where I was able to absorb different cultures and traditions. I learned a lot from that and I use a lot of what I learned in my writing.
I started very early on. In fact, I can remember one of my elementary school teachers asking us all what we wanted to be when we grew up. My answer was that I wanted to either be a cartoonist or an author. Well, I didn’t end up being a cartoonist (although I still draw and create my own characters). I went on to pursue the graphic design route, but I never did give up on writing. I think I really started to pursue it again when I was a senior in high school. That’s when I tried to get a little more serious about it and also when I completed one of my first short stories. Ever since then, I have written several stories, flash fictions, a couple of novellas, and two novels.

I’ve always enjoyed the creative process. I love taking things and seeing them through until they are something real. Something you can actually grab onto. For me, the creative spark really began in Misawa, Japan. All of my friends, myself included, would make up characters, cartoons and the worlds they would go in. Shortly after that I started drawing and spent a long time creating even more characters. It wasn’t until a couple of class projects where we had to write and make our own books that I realized I could write about the characters that I drew.

Everything just sort of spun off from that and I’ve spent nearly my whole life creating these characters and sharpening them and their worlds until I have stories that I like. I hope that everyone else likes them too.

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