Review of The Swampling King by Ben Dobson

January 24, 2018 Reviews 0 ★★★½

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Review of The Swampling King by Ben DobsonThe Swampling King by Ben S. Dobson
Series: The Windwalker Legacy #1
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on March 15th 2017
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 684
Format: eBook
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Five hundred years ago, the eagle-eyed sorcerer-prophets of the Sky God called Windwalkers fought a great war against the monstrous Deeplings-patchwork horrors made of all the things that crawl and rot under the earth.

The Windwalkers lost.

A dark mist swallowed the world, and the Swamp was born, vast and sunless and full of monsters. The Windwalkers used what remained of their power to raise nine cities above the mist on nine mountains, abandoning those who had betrayed them to the Deeplings. Ever since, the Storm Knights of the Nine Peaks have hunted the people of the Swamp, stamping out the cursed blood magic born of their treachery.

Now, something stirs once more in the dark, and change is coming.

A swampling woman seeks a way to lead her people into the light.

A prince of the Nine Peaks begins to doubt the righteousness of an age-old crusade.

An ambitious duke sees a chance to seize the power he has long coveted.

Deeplings creep above the mist at night, attacking in numbers unseen since before the Rising.

And from the far reaches of the Swamp comes a boy with the eyes of an eagle, who may bring salvation-or doom.

The Swampling King is book one of The Windwalker Legacy, an epic fantasy of desperate times, dark magic, and terrifying monsters.

This book kept my attention and was a good page turner, but it was really, really, really long. The main characters (Zerill and Josen) are well done and very deep, but I could have used a bit more back story on both. The world building was pretty imaginative, but there are a lot of missing holes (where did Zerill’s people come from? Why are they so different in appearance to Josen’s people?). There is some history about powerful Windwalker ancestors but it would have been nice to have more background on them too. The last Windwalker has arrived…and he is a bit anticlimatic too. He is a boy and he doesn’t do too much impressive in the novel other than talk to birds. Hopefully he will develop some powers in a future book. At the end of the novel Josen is indeed on his way to become Swamping King but he spends a lot of the book not being much of a leader. Perhaps that was part of the point, but he does seem at times a bit undeserving of his destiny. The best leader in the book turns out to be the main villain of the story. Overall, the story is fairly good but I can’t make much judgement on the overall series without reading more books to see where this going to go.

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