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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, profanity, and/or violence.
Review of Spirits by R.S. McCoySpirits by R.S. McCoy
on 7/20/2014
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 302
Format: eBook
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"Loving her was easier when I thought we were going to die."

Lark Davies sleeps in a gilded palace and eats the finest foods, but he would trade it all to change that one night. Unable to use his talent for mind-reading to prevent a series of murders, Lark’s dreams are ravaged by gruesome memories. Robbed of sleep and slowly losing his sanity, the devoted lover and expectant father can only watch as his life continues to spiral out of control.

Whispers of invasion threaten what little peace their new life might have offered. Khea, the new queen of Nakbe–and his only light in the night–declares human sacrifice to be a necessary component of the island culture, forcing Lark to assert his disapproval. For the first time, the unifying bond he shares with her isn’t enough to keep them together.

With his mentor at his side, Lark’s only hope to stand against the queen and avert a future of death lies in his unexplored ability to manipulate physical elements of the world. The two men search out the spirits that control water, fire, and wind in hopes of ending two thousand years of violent traditions before rival nations invade.

Edited by Joshua Allen Mercier. Cover Art by Cristina McAllister. Fantasy Maps by NS Mangion.

Spirits is the second book in the Sparks series. In this book, Khea is queen and Lark is by her side. They are expecting a baby, but Lark must venture out and try to learn to master all of the possible sparks in order to come back and repel and invasion from his former leaders.

The book starts out pretty negatively. Lark is extremely distressed about the death of all of his friends and he is constantly lashing out with profanities and violence. He keeps all this darkness bottled up and wears a ring so nobody can see inside his mind. He spends most of this time (and most of the book actually) keeping secrets, never fully communicating with those he loves, and generally being a bit of a negative bore.

Eventually though the novel finally picks up as he ventures off in search of mastering all the sparks. And as he learns these, explores the world, helps those around him, and ultimately reaches his full potential, the book really takes me back to those things I loved about the first novel. Plus, there is a ton of world-building, exploring, and mystery here. Some of the sparks and what they can do were just amazing.

So as to what I didn’t like: Lark was a pretty unlikable character for the beginning of the book, and I really had to push myself to keep reading through the negativity and boring parts until I got to the good stuff. Also, the book has way too much profanity in my opinion for a fantasy. It just really took me out of the world.

So overall, I kindof hated the first part of the book, and loved the last half. I am looking forward to reading the third one though, when we should get to see Lark and Khea use their full powers to face off against their old masters.


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