Review Policy and Review Information

About the Reviews

It is my desire to provide readers with excellent reviews that will help them decide if a book is worth purchasing or reading.

In most cases, I keep the reviews short and to the point. Everyone’s time is valuable and I do not think it is productive to write a 10-page review when the reader (or myself) could be reading an actual book with that time.

Most of my reviews will tend to be positive because I have a stringent qualification process before I ever read the book. In other words, I only review books that I am actually interested in reading and that I think I would enjoy.


The rating system is 5 stars, with half star designations, closely modeled on Amazon reviews. It is essentially a measure of how much I like the book and how close to perfection I think it is.

5 stars – I love it/it was amazing
4 stars – An enjoyable read
3 stars – An OK book
2 stars – A mediocre book, or one I don’t particularly like
1 star – I don’t know why I read this


This site reviews science fiction, fantasy, dystopia, and young adult. Some books are cross-genre so many will have romance, etc. in them as well. Right now I am not accepting horror, dark fantasy, or paranormal (vampire, werewolves, zombies). YA-books are preferred, those though with mature themes will be considered.

All books submitted for review will be considered but may not be reviewed or accepted. It is my desire to keep this blog full of high-quality books as it is as much about my recommendations as it is about reviews. Please note that I do read/review all requests, but I only respond to those that interest me.

Books to be reviewed typically should be completed and ready to be published. Depending on your book, I may be available to beta read it for you. Unfortunately I can make no guarantees of when a book may be reviewed.

Where are the reviews?

All of my reviews will be posted here, on Amazon, on Goodreads, and Audible (when appropriate).

Send a Review Request

I’m accepting very few review requests due to my huge backlog. However, if your book grabs my interest I will send you a reply to your request. I won’t respond if I decline to review. I used to send rejection emails but many authors cannot deal with that. Thanks for your interest.

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