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Review of Orphans of the SkyOrphans of the Sky by Robert A. Heinlein
Published by Audible Studios on 07-14-2009
Length: 4:42
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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The Jordan Foundation sponsored the Proxima Centauri Expedition in 2119, in attempt to reach the nearer stars of the galaxy. But that was far in the mythic past. The original purpose of the Ship's epic voyage has long been forgotten, and for generations the giant spaceship, lost between the stars, is the only world that the people aboard have known. A strange civilization has evolved, with its own superstitions, savage religion, rigid class structure and mutant outcasts. Then, one young man discovers the truth about the Ship and changes everything, forever....

In this book, generations have passed since a colony ship was launched to go to a nearby star. None of the ship’s crew remember the original purpose of the ship and have evolved a religious belief that the entire world is the ship and nothing exists outside. When one crew member begins to discover the truth, he sets off on a quest to change everyone’s minds and complete the original mission of the ship.

Overall, the story was quite imaginative and the main character Hugh grows from a naive person to someone who discovers the secrets of the ship. Several of the other characters make dramatic shifts in their motivations/actions which drives the story further. The book does a pretty good job in portraying how these people would reinterpret their world when the original knowledge was lost.

The main thing I didn’t like about the story was the abrupt ending. It is just like the author gets bored of writing and just tries to close up all the ends in a few chapters. What could have been a broad exploration of how this society reacts to this new knowledge instead becomes an exercise in a power struggle between relatively few people. And it could have been setup to lead into many more books, but instead it just fizzles out.

Ultimately I enjoyed the journey, but not the end.

For the audiobook, the narrator did a wonderful job. He handles differently voices with ease and really expresses the wonderment of expressions of Hugh very well.

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