Review of Wishes and Wellingtons

April 23, 2019 Reviews 0 ★★★½

Review of Wishes and WellingtonsWishes and Wellingtons by Julie Berry
Published by Audible Studios on September 25, 2018
Pages: 10
Format: Audiobook
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From award-winning author Julie Berry comes a brand new middle-grade fantasy adventure full of humor and heart, exclusively from Audible.

Maeve Merritt chafes at the rigid rules at her London boarding school for “Upright Young Ladies.” When punishment forces her to sort through the trash, she finds a sardine tin that houses a foul-tempered djinni with no intention of submitting to a schoolgirl as his master.

Soon an orphan boy from the charitable home next door, a mysterious tall man in ginger whiskers, a disgruntled school worker, and a take-no-prisoners business tycoon are in hot pursuit of Maeve and her magical discovery. It’ll take all of her quick thinking and sass to set matters right. Maeve Merritt is one feisty heroine you won’t soon forget.

Julie Berry lives near Los Angeles with her family. The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place is an Odyssey Honor Audiobook, and The Passion of Dolssa is a Printz Honor Title.

This is a book set in 1800’s England about a girl in a boarding school who discovers a magical genie. It was very entertaining and the historical setting made things a bit different and fresh. However, the main character Maeve was a bit unlikeable, full of questionable decisions (to be expected), and much of the school-based action was rather boring and repetitive. The genie-based bits were very interesting but rare, except for her second wish. Overall, it was a decent book but could have done so much more with a magical genie.

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