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Review of The Snow OwlThe Snow Owl by R.S. McCoy
Series: The Alder Tales #4
on 3/7/2018
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
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Audra Mercer is planning to destroy the world. Well, maybe just the realm. It’s taken almost fifteen years for her to rise from the ashes of trauma and place herself at the top of the Aero branch, the prime position to enact her plan to bring the branch hierarchy crashing down. She’ll spare no one and stop at nothing to secure her vengeance.

As Mercer’s third in command, Blossom is drowning in secrets. She’s lying to her boss, her friends, her allies, her lovers. She’s playing both sides and hoping to have both her life and her happiness by the end. But one misstep will mean showing her colors before she loses everything.

Following in the footsteps of Gemini’s kidnappers, Raene assumes a Terra identity and allows herself to be taken across the Alderwood. Parson secretly follows, but if he can’t keep up, they’ll lose both Raene and all hope of finding Gemini.

Book 4 of 4 in The Alder Tales series.

The Snow Owl is a great end to this series, and one that I really, really enjoyed. It had a lot of great action in it. Blossom takes front and center and really does everything to get what she wants. The book ends of a great note and concludes the series nicely. I don’t want to spoil the plot but everything ties up really well as all the pieces fit together. Mercer is a pretty good villain and we even get to see some of her motivations and past in this novel. This series has been such an enjoyable one and is a really good fantasy with some romance and magic thrown in. This is by far my favorite series in the last year.


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I recognize I have a lot to learn and the realm of writing, editing and publishing is constantly evolving (Hey! Evolution – something I know something about!).

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