Review of The Maid’s War

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Review of The Maid’s WarThe Maid's War by Jeff Wheeler
Series: Kingfountain #0.5
on December 31, 2016
Length: 9:3
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 302
Format: Audiobook
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From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler:

Sent on an impossible mission by Kingfountain’s ruler into the heart of the enemy’s capital as two mighty kingdoms prepare for war, Ankarette Tryneowy must divine the location of a magical sword, perhaps their key to victory. What she finds is the truth—one she could never have foreseen.

Searching for Firebos, the sword of ancient kings, is no simple task. It disappeared after one of the most powerful Fountain-blessed figures, the Maid of Donremy, used it in battle, and no one—except perhaps the Maid’s dearest friend, the Duke of La Marche—knows its whereabouts. But when Ankarette finds the aging duke in his prison cell and hears the mystery he unveils, her mission becomes more perilous than she could have possibly imagined.

This was a nice prequel about the Maid of Donremy. It had a bit of a rough start by introducing a lot of characters who I neither knew nor cared about. However, once I got into the book, I found the two main characters (Alan and Jenette) to be pretty interesting and I found the story pretty compelling. It didn’t really center on Ankarette at all…she was merely a plot device to let Alan tell his story. The book centered a lot on the sacrifices of following the fountain and giving up one’s own desires. There is a lot of parallel here with many religions. The end of course had both good and bad fates for both characters, and a few surprises despite knowing the ultimate fate mentioned in the later books. It did well to set up everything up for the rest of the series and was well worth it.

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