Review of The Gift by Dave Donovan

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Review of The Gift by Dave DonovanThe Gift by Dave Donovan
Published by Brilliance Audio on 12-20-2013
Length: 10:26
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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When high-level governmental programmer Sam Steele is called into his office on his day off, he quickly finds himself at the center of a battle for humanity itself. An alien entity is heading straight for Earth, and an elite team of specialists has been assembled to attempt to make first contact. But despite Steele’s expertise, Colonel Eric Web, his superior and longtime thorn in his side, makes it clear he doesn’t want him there.
The aliens that arrive represent a long-dead race and say they’ve come to help humans defend themselves against an imminent threat, but their help will come with a price. Now the future of humanity hangs in the balance between two men: Web, the regimented, hubristic military man, and Steele, a brilliant man broken by loss and tragedy.
As the team races the clock to try to divine their visitors’ complex instructions, they struggle with infighting and, ultimately, the question of what it means to be human.

In the Gift, government programmer Sam helps decode an alien program sent by an approaching alien spacecraft. This race send the ship in the hopes it would help the human race survive an attack by an approaching enemy. Contained in the ship are gifts which are intelligences that pair with humans to assist them in this task. However, the government will stop at nothing to get its hands on all of the technology and power it can.

So at first I was a bit confused by Sam…we don’t really get his backstory or understand why he is involved with this secret team and yet be treated as an outsider. But as the story went on it became a bit more clear. Overall I really enjoyed this was a very unique premise I haven’t heard before. The characters were all well done and interesting. I really enjoyed the alien aspects of it, and the way the gifts communicated and spoke. The challenges faced by Sam and the solutions he came up with were fascinating. And the story featured a rather interesting and cynical interpretation of how the government and politicians might react to such a scenario, which was entertaining.

There were a few characters that I felt were a bit flat, but the author did deal with the worst one in a satisfying way. The book ended sooner than I would have hoped, and there is no sequel as of yet. Hopefully there will be one in the near future. There are a few sections with a lot of profanity, so beware for young readers/listeners.

The narrator did a great job and really did well with the alien/gift voices. There were only a few times when he missed the voices and made the women sound like the aliens. There was one instance where a word was mispronounced, but that was the only time it happened.

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