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Review of The FreezeThe Freeze by Patricia Hamill
on 2-14-2015
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction
Pages: 140
Format: eBook
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In a frozen future where survivors have taken refuge in an underground tunnel system, Andrea, sick of writing sappy, optimistic essays for what the adults call school, decides to try her luck on one of the scavenging crews. With the help of a boy she likes, she pretends to be a boy and joins the team. But the job isn't at all what she expected, and she soon finds herself separated from the team, lost and alone in the frozen city.

In The Freeze, a young girl named Andrea lives underground with a makeshift community after the weather above turned into a never-ending winter. Feeling somewhat useless and stir-crazy, she disguises herself as a boy and slips into a surface scavenging party. She quickly falls behind and loses the group. Unable to return to the tunnels, she is lucky to meet another survivor who takes her in and ultimately helps her make it back home.

This was a fun little short story that really had a lot of substance to it. There is quite a bit of romance, apocalyptic trekking, family, surviving and more. And of course a fiesty, strong female lead.

I really enjoyed this a lot and read it all in one day. The only negative was that it was a short story. There were so many things were the plot could have really gone in some exciting directions, or some hinted things could have been fleshed out, but there just wasn’t time with it being a novella. But that is merely me saying that I enjoyed it enough to want more.


About Patricia Hamill

Patricia lives in the United States of America with her family. Her favorite pastime is reading, with a special fondness for fantasy and epic fantasy novels. She enjoys bringing elements of fantasy and modern life together in her stories, with humor playing an important role. In addition to her love of literature, she also enjoys knitting and crocheting, practicing Isshinryu Karate, visiting scenic parks, and canoeing.

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