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June 12, 2018 Reviews 0 ★★★

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Review of The Forever ShipThe Forever Ship by Francesca Haig
Series: The Fire Sermon #3
Published by Audible Studios on 10/17/17
Length: 12:58
Format: Audiobook
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Book Three in the critically acclaimed The Fire Sermon trilogy - The Hunger Games meets Cormac McCarthy's The Road in this richly imagined postapocalyptic series by award-winning poet Francesca Haig.

The third and final novel of the Fire Sermon involves the resistance’s struggle against the council, their quest to save omegas, and them trying to prevent several awful acts by the General and Zach.

Plot-wise, the book was pretty good and kept me listening to see what happened.

However, the book is just too full of filler. The book could have been cut in half and have been much better. There is way too much whining by Cass, arguing over stupid stuff, Cass flying off the handle if someone doesn’t agree with her, etc. The motivations and actions of Zach never really made much sense. There is this big thing everyone is trying to prevent the council from doing to elsewhere, and the motivation there never made any sense either. About half-way in the novel there is a huge deal made about what happened to a seer called Xander, and it just fell flat because the author never bothered to try to get us to actually care about Xander. Throughout the novel Cass always holds suicide as a weapon over Zach, but it was pretty much a waste of time because Cass was way too selfish to ever put an end to herself to save thousands of others.  Also there is a big deal made about the council using old technology, but its a bit unrealistic to expect any technology to survive the elements after 400 years, and very unrealistic that people of that era would be able to figure out anything about how to use said technology. I will also say the novel went on one chapter too long…it just have ended at the end of the previous chapter and would have had a perfect ending.

So in the end, I found the plot interesting but the characters annoying and not ones I would care about. This book ended up being middle of the road: not horrible, but not good either.

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