Review of The Dig

June 23, 2015 Reviews 0 ★★★

Review of The DigThe Dig by Michael Siemsen
Series: Matt Turner #1
Published by Fantome Publishing on 12-6-2013
Length: 10:31
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction
Pages: 472
Format: Audiobook
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Matt Turner's gift is also his curse... A mysterious woven metal artifact is found at a paleontological dig in Africa. Mystified experts, confounded by the impossible timeline they get from traditional dating methods, call upon a stubborn young man with a unique talent. Matthew Turner's gift is also his curse: When he touches any object, his awareness is flooded with the thoughts and feelings of those who touched it before him. It is a talent that many covet, some fear, and almost no one understands. Despite being exploited as a child and tormented by the unpleasant experiences imprinted on him from the various items he has "read," Matthew agrees to travel from New York to the forests of Kenya. There, threatened by unknown enemies and helped by a beautiful but prickly ally who begins to understand his strange ability, he journeys back in geological time to make a discovery so shocking that it forces us to rewrite all human history.

In The Dig, a young man named Matthew Turner has a unique gift and ability to be able to read imprints (memories) left on inanimate objects. He is called to read a man-made artifact from millions ago. The readings reveal an ancient, advanced culture fleeing their home before an asteroid hit.

I found these ancient memories to be fascinating, except for some occasional lulls. There was quite a bit of imagination used here and it really paid off. However, the modern day scenes did tend to be way too drawn out and often times extraneous. While these drawn-out periods did tend to add to the character backgrounds, in the end, they didn’t do much to push the story forward. Often times the subplots just hit a dead end (an elephant falling in a pit, a character temporarily disappearing for a few chapters, etc.). The one highlight though was the evil Dr. Reese, who was pretty entertaining through 2/3 of the book.

Overall, the book entertained me well, but had an unrealistic/unbelievable romance, and a poorly executed, poorly planned entry into the second book.

For the audiobook, I felt that the narrator did a surperb job, going between different accents, sexes, and peoples. I never noticed any slip-ups and the voices were nicely distinct.

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