Review of Sovereign

April 5, 2019 Reviews 0 ★★½

Review of SovereignSoverign by Jeff Hirsch
Published by Audible Studios on 1-31-2019
Length: 6:3
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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eff Hirsch, the mastermind behind such dark YA dystopias as The Eleventh Plague and The Darkest Hour, goes interstellar with Sovereign, a middle grade Audible Original voiced by Jesse Einstein, who listeners have called first-rate.

Micah Cole has been in deep space for four years now. While his parents chase their obsession with finding intelligent life deeper and deeper into the universe, Micah can’t help but dream of the friends he’s left behind and counts the days until the family returns to Earth. When a devastating meteor shower nearly destroys the Coles’s ship, Micah is separated from his family and stranded alone on Sovereign—a vast planet of raging rivers and towering forests. If Micah ever wants to see his family or his home again, he’ll have to learn how to survive on this hostile alien world. Armed with only his wits and determination, he’ll have to battle the elements, his own deepest fears, and a strange presence that might just hold the key to his parents’ obsession—and be his ticket back home.

This is a book about a boy who crash lands on an alien planet and must try to survive while waiting for his parents to rescue him.

Overall, I found the book fairly boring with little plot and a convoluted premise (i.e. why his parents would put him on an escape pod but not join him). The latter half of the book was better and had some great ideas regarding alien life. The narration was pretty bad as well, with little emotion, although it did get better near the end.

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