Review of Ringworld

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Review of RingworldRingworld by Larry Niven, Tom Parker, Grover Gardner
on March 8, 2005
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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A modern science-fiction classic, Ringworld won the Hugo and Nebula Awards for best novel in 1970.
"I myself have dreamed up an intermediate step between Dyson Spheres and planets. build a ring 93 million miles in radius one Earth orbit which would make it 600 million miles long. If we have the mass of Jupiter to work with, and if we make it a million miles wide, we get a thickness of about a thousand meters. The Ringworld would thus be much sturdier than a Dyson sphere.
"There are other advantages. We can spin it for gravity. A rotation on its axis of 770 miles/second would give the Ringworld one gravity outward. We wouldn't even have to roof it over. Put walls a thousand miles high at each rim, aimed at the sun, and very little of the air will leak over the edges." -Larry Niven

This is a classic that holds up surprisingly well. I didn’t realize it was almost 50 years old as the technology is handled quite well. There is a lot of great imagination in this book about what other civilizations could be or do, and the plot was all about character interaction and exploring the mystery of the ring world. Overall, it was a great story and very entertaining. The narrator had a great voice and did a superb job for the entire book.

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