Review of Prism Cloud

March 29, 2019 Reviews 0 ★★★

Review of Prism CloudPrism Cloud (Harbinger #4) by Jeff Wheeler
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Friendship is strained to its breaking point in Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler’s fourth Harbinger novel.

When the emperor is assassinated, Sera Fitzempress is the noble most eligible to inherit the empire. Her upcoming marriage to the prince would cement her position. And as a champion for peace, Sera is the only promise of hope for staving off war between the worlds of Kingfountain and Muirwood. But standing between her and her enemies is just one devastating secret.

Sera’s best friend, Cettie, a girl born of a lower class, has made a shattering discovery: her entire existence has been a lie. Now Cettie must give up the only life she’s known and fought for and leave behind the man she loves to stop Sera’s wedding. For this discovery could bring the whole of Kingfountain to ruin.

As Cettie struggles to determine her true loyalties and loves, her allies fall to wicked plots, and she becomes increasingly alone on her journey to a destiny she never wanted—one that could ignite an unstoppable war.

I have mixed feelings on this book. It does a fine job of continuing the story, upping the stakes and action, and further developing the main characters. Sera really comes into her own and does fantastic. There are some great revelations about Lady Corinne and what her intentions are. Several main characters are removed from the story (either temporarily or permanently) and while I didn’t particular like that I can understand it served to further the story.

But what is majorly wrong with this book is the character of Cettie. She completely forgets that she is a maston, forgoes all prior character development and experience, fails and makes the wrong choices at every turn, and ultimately turns out to be a rather useless character…which is a problem when she is supposed to the be the series’ main character. At least Sera didn’t disappoint.

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