Review of Equinox by Christian Cantrell

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Review of Equinox by Christian CantrellEquinox by Christian Cantrell
Series: Children of Occam #2
Published by 47North on March 17th 2015
Length: 16:2
Pages: 563
Format: Audiobook
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A delicate balance exists between humankind on Earth and the Coronians, the descendants of terrestrial scientists who were marooned aboard the space station Equinox. In exchange for raw materials crucial to expanding their off-world home, the Coronians provide precious space-based solar power to an Earth obscured by greenhouse gasses. But distrust runs deep between the two races, with each yearning for freedom from their mutual dependence yet both terrified of perishing without the other’s help.

Now, their future rests in the hands of Ayla Novik, an itinerant smuggler desperate to survive the menacing world in which she plies her trade, and Luka Mance, a drug-addicted technician determined to save his planet and his people from deadly betrayal by their extraterrestrial cousins. When Ayla makes a devil’s deal to take human hostages in a Coronian power play, her mission sparks a revolt that will force an ultimate confrontation between earthbound and space-born…deciding once and for all whether two races will rise to coexistence or collapse in devastation.

This is a very interesting book about a post-apocalyptic Earth where Earth-dwellers are dependent on a space station for power, energy, and technology, while the station (the Coronians) are dependent on Earth for raw materials.

Having not read the first book, I found it took me a little while to get into the story. Once there though I found it very fascinating. The technology and characters were great and I great enjoyed the story.

The only downsides are a whole “drug addict” subplot for one of the main characters which was unnecessary and went nowhere, and the tendency for the story to go off on tangents with way too much detail about inconsequential or mundane things.  Also, it took way too long to get real details about the Coronians, although at least there were some major revelations before the story ended.

I listened to the audiobook and the narrator did a pretty good job. It was a bit rough in the beginning with some of the female voices but it smoothed out as time went on.

Overall a really enjoyable book (and audiobook) and I am very much looking forward to any future sequels.

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