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Review of EonEon (The Way #1) by Greg Bear, Stefan Rudnicki
Published by Audible Frontiers on March 27, 2012
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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Perhaps it wasn't from our time, perhaps it wasn't even from our universe, but the arrival of the 300-kilometer long stone was the answer to humanity's desperate plea to end the threat of nuclear war. Inside the deep recesses of the stone lies Thistledown: the remnants of a human society, versed in English, Russian and Chinese. The artifacts of this familiar people foretell a great Death caused by the ravages of war, but the government and scientists are unable to decide how to use this knowledge. Deeper still within the stone is the Way. For some the Way means salvation from death, for others it is a parallel world where loved ones live again. But, unlike Thistledown, the Way is not entirely dead, and the inhabitants hold the knowledge of a present war, over a million miles away, using weapons far more deadly than any that mankind has ever conceived.

This is an interesting science fiction story about a mysterious carved-out asteroid that shows up on Earth’s doorstep right before a catastrophe is about to decimate the Earth.

Right off the bat, the book has dated itself because it was written so long ago. There is a running thread through the whole book about the USA vs USSR and the book assumes the soviet union never broke up. It also assumes advanced events happen in the early 2000’s. If you can overlook all of that, then the story is still fairly enjoyable. Speaking of the USSR, their reasons for causing a global war were never really satisfactory and I felt it was just a plot device (it could have been any country and had the same effect).

The plot never got too slow, and the characters were somewhat developed enough to make the story good. The real star is the asteroid (called the stone), with all of its mysteries slowly revealed, and the dealings with time, space, and alternate realities.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this and look forward to trying the sequels.

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