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Review of DystopiaDystopia by Janet McNulty
Series: Dystopia #1
Published by MMP Publishing on June 4th 2013
Pages: 214
Format: eBook
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Imagine living in a world where everything you do is controlled.
In the distant future the United States has been split into two regions separated by a barren wasteland; this is the country of Dystopia. Here the individual is discouraged, freedom is an illusion, food is rationed, and everything you do is tracked by a chip implanted in your arm. This is Dana Ginary’s world.
At age seventeen, people receive their career assignments chosen for them by a government body. Forced to work at the Waste Management Plant because she was declared too individualistic, Dana finds herself surrounded by death and brutality. Knowing her days are numbered, she looks for a way to leave the plant before she, too, becomes one of its causalities.
It is then she meets a man named George and soon finds herself caught up in a cat mouse game between the resistance and the Dystopian government. Dana finds herself faced with an agonizing choice of whom she will betray and whom she will save: her friend George, her parents, or herself.

Dana grew up questioning everything and ultimately the government decided to assign her to work in an incinerator plant. There she struggles to survive and ultimately find a way to fight back against her dystopian society.

This was a quick, enjoyable read. I enjoyed following Dana’s story and discovery throughout the book. It has a little bit of a Hunger Games vibe in that most of the county is uninhabited and there are isolated, controlled areas that produce specific goods/resources for the government. I did find some of the other characters to be fairly one dimensional and there were a few grammatical errors in my copy. The world isn’t too deep or thought provoking, but following a sanitation worker is a novel idea. The pacing was very good and its a good start for a series I look forward to reading.


About Janet McNulty

Ms. McNulty began writing short stories at an early age. That passion continued through college until she published her first book: Legends Lost: Amborese under the pen name of Nova Rose. Since then she has gone on to publish a mystery series, children’s books, and even a dystopian series
Recently, her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s causing her to visit her grandparent’s and record her grandfather’s memoirs before they become lost. The final result is Grandpa’s Stories: The 20th Century as My Grandfather Lived It. She did this to preserve her family history before it becomes lost.

Ms. McNulty currently lives in West Virginia where she enjoys hiking, being outside, crocheting, or simply sitting around and doing nothing. She continues writing.

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