Review of Broken Veil (Harbinger #5)

June 24, 2019 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Review of Broken Veil (Harbinger #5)Broken Veil (Harbinger #5) by Jeff Wheeler
Series: Harbinger #5
Published by 47North on 6-11-2019
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 347
Format: eBook
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Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler’s epic Harbinger series comes to a breathtaking conclusion as two women are swept into a battle that could destroy two worlds.

Rescued from a world of poverty, Cettie Pratt has avoided a bleak destiny—until now. Deceived and manipulated, she has been groomed for the ultimate betrayal: to destroy her best friend and stop peace from uniting two war-torn worlds. Her path leads her to a mysterious underworld where appearances can be deceiving.

Sera Fitzempress knows the value she has to her enemies. As heir to the empire, she must keep her foes at bay and prevent them from unleashing a being of unspeakable evil upon the world while fighting a brutal war. But her enemies are more cunning than Sera expects, and the key to their plans is none other than her best friend.

Neither woman knows what to believe. Neither one knows if she can trust the other. Both Cettie and Sera have made decisions that have irrevocably changed them. But the decisions they have yet to make will determine the fate of their world…

This seems to conclude the Harbinger series and I liked this book so much more than the previous one. There are still some slow parts of imprisonment and of Cettie being stupid, as well as villains who long outlive their welcome. But the action does finally pick up in this book, and things start getting back on track. The medium stops being MIA, and both Sera and Cettie stop being so helpless. I was very pleased with the ending and thought it wrapped up things very well.

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