Review of Beast

August 14, 2017 Reviews 0

Review of BeastBeast by Donna Jo Napoli
Published by Recorded Books on April 10, 2002
Genres: Fantasy
Format: Audiobook

Meet the Beast-- before there was Beauty

Orasmyn is the prince of Persia and heir to the throne. His religion fills his heart and his mind, and he strives for the knowledge and leadership his father demonstrates. But on the day of the Feast of Sacrifices, Orasmyn makes a foolish choice that results in a fairy's wretched punishment: He is turned into a beast, a curse to be undone only by the love of a woman.

Thus begins Orasmyn's journey through the exotic Middle East and sensuous France as he struggles to learn the way of the beast, while also preserving the mind of the man. This is the story of his search, not only for a woman courageous enough to love him, but also for his own redemption.

I listened to this audiobook for almost an hour and absolutely nothing happened. It droned on and on in minute detail about muslim and persian religious practices, but the plot went nowhere and ultimately I lost interest. A very boring book.

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