Review of Audiobook Departure by A.G. Riddle

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Review of Audiobook Departure by A.G. RiddleDeparture by A.G. Riddle
Published by Audible Studios on 2/17/2015
Length: 9:31
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Time Travel
Format: Audiobook
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Flight 305 took off in 2014...
But it crashed in a world very different from our own...

With time running out, five strangers must unravel why they were taken...
And how to get home.

In Departure, a group of plane crash survivors discover something very strange about the place they have landed.

This novel has a very “LOST” feel to it (as in the TV series) with unexplained mysteries and a group of people banded together to solve them. I don’t want to give too much away but there are some science-fiction elements that contribute heavily to the story. The author’s vision here was very interesting and cool.

For the audiobook version, the narrator did a great job. Actually, there were two narrators – a man and a woman. They did an excellent job here and I have no complaints.

Story-wise, the plot was fascinating and hopped to a few different places. The mystery here was a joy, just like watching the LOST series, although here the ending was much more satisfying. The characters were well developed and you really get to know and care for them as time goes on.

The only criticism I really had was some parts of the book were just too slow. Too much time dealing with the plane crash, survivors trying to get organized, and exploring. And then near the end of the book some of the conversations were a bit too long winded.

But overall, this was a wonderful book and I really look forward to reading (or hearing) future novels in this series.

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