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Review of Non Stop by Brian AldissNon-Stop by Brian W. Aldiss
Published by Audible Studios on 2010-01-06
Length: 902
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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Curiosity was discouraged in the Greene tribe. Its members lived out their lives in cramped Quarters, hacking away at the encroaching ponics. As to where they were - that was forgotten.

Roy Complain decides to find out. With the renegade priest Marapper, he moves into unmapped territory, where they make a series of discoveries which turn their universe upside-down...

Non-Stop is the classic SF novel of discovery and exploration; a brilliant evocation of a familiar setting seen through the eyes of a primitive.

In this audiobook, most of the inhabitants of a multi-generational colony ship have forgotten all of their knowledge and do not realize they are living on a ship. The main character, Roy Complain, is living among a tribe when he decides to set out and explore his world after a series of personal setbacks.

I found the story to be extremely imaginative and page turning as the reader slows learns more about the ship and what happened to it. The society itself is very interesting, having invented its own religion, legends, and explanations for things they don’t understand. Roy’s journey both physically and character-wise is great to follow as we learn things along side of him.

The main character Roy Complain is pretty well developed and has a great growth arc. The priest Marapper doesn’t grow much, but is still a very interesting and entertaining character. Roy’s love interest Vyann is also well done. Most of the other characters are fairly shallow, but still serve to push the story along.

There were a few things that were a bit questionable such as mutant moths and mice, but overall these were simply a distraction and nothing mpre.

Overall, a great and interesting story.

I felt that the narrator did a fine job… I never really heard any misses and all the voices were well done.


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  1. Marni

    Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for posting your review. I haven’t heard of this book before and now have it on my tbr list.