Review of Fire by Fire by Charles Gannon

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Review of Fire by Fire by Charles GannonFire by Fire by Charles E. Gannon
Length: 18:50
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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2105, September: Intelligence Analyst Caine Riordan uncovers a conspiracy on Earth's Moon - a history-making clandestine project - and ends up involuntarily cryocelled for his troubles. Twelve years later, Riordan awakens to a changed world. Humanity has achieved faster-than-light travel and is pioneering nearby star systems. And now, Riordan is compelled to become an inadvertent agent of conspiracy himself. Riordan's mission: travel to a newly settled world and investigate whether a primitive local species was once sentient - enough so to have built a lost civilization.

However, arriving on site in the Delta Pavonis system, Caine discovers that the job he's been given is anything but secret or safe. With assassins and saboteurs dogging his every step, it's clear that someone doesn't want his mission to succeed. In the end, it takes the keen insights of an intelligence analyst and a matching instinct for intrigue to ferret out the truth: that humanity is neither alone in the cosmos nor safe. Earth is revealed to be the lynchpin planet in an impending struggle for interstellar dominance, a struggle into which it is being irresistibly dragged. Discovering new dangers at every turn, Riordan must now convince the powers-that-be that the only way for humanity to survive as a free species is to face the perils directly - and to fight fire with fire.

Fire by Fire follows the story of Caine Riordin, a reporter turned intelligence agent in the far future. Riordin is awoken from cold sleep and sent to investigate reports of exosapiens (aliens) on a distant planet colonized by Earth. And that is just the beginning of the story.

When I started listening to this I had no idea what to expect…I didn’t even read the synopsis. And I was absolutely pleasantly surprised. Not only is this full of action, twists, mysteries, technology, and aliens, but Caine comes across as a very well spoken and incredibly intelligent character. It is a pleasure to follow his thoughts and the way he handles every situation and person.

I really loved listening to this audiobook and was disappointed when it ended (of course, I’m going to start book 2 right away). If you like science fiction, you should love this one.

The narrator was absolutely amazing. One of the best I have heard in any audiobook and he did a great job of covering all characters and making us believe they were real.

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