Review of Everywhere the Road Ends (The Traveler of Ord #2)

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Review of Everywhere the Road Ends (The Traveler of Ord #2)Everywhere the Road Ends by Scott McCloskey
Series: The Traveler of Ord #2
on 9-18-2014
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 365
Format: eBook
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Bullied at prep-school and unappreciated at home, all young Theodore Ellsworth wanted was to be like the heroes in his favorite fantasy tales. Whisked away to the Gossamer City and chosen to embark on a quest to save a kingdom, he thought he’d have his chance.

He was wrong.

Left for dead in a place where malicious spirits feast on the living, Theo has only just begun to learn that glory comes at a price. With his new friends fighting for their lives, Theo is thrown off course and embroiled in a murder mystery that must be solved before he can save his little sister from a gruesome fate. A crackpot inventor and a pure-hearted young knight are on the job, but Theo already knows the killer. He sees the Beast of Calharik every night, when he looks down in terror at his own bloodied hands.

Set against a backdrop of steam-powered robots, tall ships, and a seaside populace at the mercy of the rich, Everywhere the Road Ends picks up the action right where The Goldenwealth Light left off. Get ready for another exotic trip to the World of Ord, complete with new faces, twice the nail-biting action, and hours of page turning adventure!

Everywhere the Road Ends is the follow-up to one of my favorite reads. In this continuation of the YA fantasy, Theo must contend with a magical force that is slowly taking over the land and destroying cities of the Goldenwealth Light. Whereas the first novel was more of an introductory jaunt into the world of Ord, this one runs full speed into it with a ton of action, mystery, and world building. It has a very unique premise about magic being used as a weapon to revert cities to their past selves, and also an interesting premise about music having magical ability. Theo seems like a very relatable and reluctant hero, who doesn’t just get unlimited superpowers like many fantasy novels. Overall, this book is a quick and fun read, and continues in the very spirit of the original. I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to book 3.


About Scott McCloskey

Scott McCloskey has searched from the eastern United States all the way to Osaka, Japan, but has uncovered no Elvish rings of power, nor magic swords to hold aloft. Blame books for teaching him never to give up. In the meantime, he takes breaks here and there to pen the almost plausible adventures of siblings Theodore and Marie Ellsworth in The Gossamer City, as they are dictated to him by the diminutive gnomes with hummingbird wings that have been flitting unceasingly about his bedroom at night since he was your age.

Scott lives with a loving wife who puts up with his idiosyncratic bent, two adorable girls to whom he sings scratchy jazz tunes at night, and several Russian Wolfhounds. His first book, The Goldenwealth Light (Book 1 of the coming-of-age adventure series The Traveler of Ord) is available in paperback and digital formats

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