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Review of Code Breakers: DeltaDelta (Code Breakers #4) by Colin F. Barnes
Series: Code Breakers #4
Published by Audible Studios on 11-01-2016
Length: 6:42
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Audiobook
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The fourth and final novel in the Code Breakers series. Gabriel and Petal have tracked Gabe’s mother back to Hong Kong. But to find her Gabe has to face his old gang and the ghosts he thought he had laid to rest years before. While helping him, Petal stumbles on a way of getting Gerry’s mind out of her head, but like Gabe, she too has to return to a place full of ghosts: Libertas.

Enna is now the Prime Minister of the domed city, and when Petal arrives she discovers Enna has developed her transcendent technology. However, to give Gerry a new existence, they’ll need more help—help from someone within the Family.

Faced with shifting loyalties and an uncertain future, Petal and Gerry will for the last time face a dire threat to their existence when Jess is kidnapped by a shadowy figure. It’s a race against time to find her and uncover the conspiracy before the Family has the last laugh.

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This final book had a ton of action and a lot of reveal about the family and their origins, as well as Gabriel’s past. Pedal was the main character in this book and was a great choice to focus on. Gerry returns and ultimately has to put an end to the threat to humanity from the family and from technology in general. I really liked this novel, it was well done in the style of the others and continued the story well. It did get a little bogged down in a former family compound in the final half of the book, and ultimately a few of the characters ended up being a bit pointless in the grand-scheme of things (though they did have their entertainment value). In the end though it was a good book and a fitting conclusion to the series, and had somewhat of a happy ending (as much as could be expected in the book’s world).

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