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Review of Blossom and the BeastBlossom and the Beast by R.S. McCoy
Series: The Alder Tales #1
on May 31st 2016
Genres: Fairytale, Fantasy
Pages: 269
Format: eBook
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Blossom Frane is only weeks away from her transformation. On her eighteenth birthday, she’ll find out her future branch of society and her totem, the animal form she’ll be able to take at will for the rest of her life. Like her brothers, she’s expected to be a brown bear of the religious branch known as Terra.
In the Alderwood forests, Blossom’s bear blood is a valuable asset. Any day now, a rival clan leader will step forward and offer her father a hefty bounty in exchange for her hand in marriage. Blossom can do nothing more than sit back and wait to be traded to the highest bidder.
Determined to spend her last weeks exploring the Alderwood, Blossom sneaks away and manages to find Kaide Landel, a rising political star of the Pyro branch. Known for his violence and disregard for the religious teachings of the Terra branch, he’s all wrong for the bear clan’s prized daughter. But when the politician uses his wealth and influence to secure her hand, Blossom has no choice but to leave her family and marry him—if she lives that long.
A new paranormal romance from RS McCoy, author of The Sparks Saga, The Luminary Chronicles, and The Extraction Files series.
Book One of The Alder Tales.

In this reimagining of the Beauty and the Beast tale, Blossom Frane, the son of the clan chieftan, spends her days roaming the forest and climbing to high places. One day a powerful politician passing through named Kaede sees her and offers her father an offer he can’t refuse. Forced to leave her life behind, Blossom must come to grips with living with her new soon-to be husband.

This story has a lot of magic and a rather interesting twist that all of the people are able to transform into animal forms (called totems) once they reach their 18th birthday. Blossom of course hasn’t yet got her totem so she is somewhat reliant on those around her for protection. And Kaede’s totem reflects the Beast part of the story. The whole world is a fantasy world, which seems to be set in the far future where many people no longer possess much technology and others take theirs for granted. There are four main factions… Alder which is very nature and tree-based, Pyronia which is based on fire, Hydronia which is based on water, and Aeros which are based on air. These factions are based on the areas they live and on the type of totems they receive.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. The romance was well done…Kaede is a likeable guy so its understandable she would fall for him. He is very strong, yet very protective. He of course has a bad side which Blossom is able to temper. And then Blossom is a very strong woman with a very strong will and heart. In this world the different factions of society were interesting and I’m really looking forward to seeing how things pan out and what happens with these two.






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