Liberty’s Torch Release Day

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Liberty's Torch Release Day

Liberty’s Torch Release DayLiberty's Torch by Janet McNulty
on 11/11/2013
Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult
Pages: 219
Format: eBook
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All it takes is one spark to ignite the flame of liberty.

Six months have passed since Dana and Kenny parted. Forced to live as a wanderer, Dana discovers a crashed drone and learns of the chaos within Dystopia and what President Klens has planned for the resistance. Realizing that she must go back, Dana acquires the help of a seventy-year-old man and an old friend. Upon her return, she finds that rebellion is in the air as the government continues to eliminate dissenters.

Forced to disguise herself, Dana searches for the resistance to tell them of President Klens’ plans. After a few run-ins with the officers and narrow escapes from Colonel Fernau—his obsession with her growing each day—she learns that the people of Dystopia yearn to be free from their oppression. What they need is a leader. Knowing that everyone she cares for will never be safe so long as the government reigns supreme, Dana must decide how far she is willing to go achieve freedom.

We’re thrilled to celebrate the release day of young adult dystopian novel, “Liberty’s Torch” today. You can get your copy of the novel from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords using the links at the top of this post.


Karl approached the shabby, metal home with caution. They had come upon it moments before. “Stay here,” Karl had told Dana and Kenny. “Richard is a bit paranoid. He doesn’t like strangers.”

Dana and Kenny watched from a distance as Karl crept to the door. Carefully, the man raised his fist and rapped on it. Immediately the cocking of a rifle filled the air.

“Who goes there? State your name!”


“Karl? I don’t know any Karl,” said the faceless voice from inside.

“It’s me, you idiot,” said Karl, “I’m Karl. The one who built the generator you use to power this place.”

“Nobody knows about that,” yelled tha man, “Only one man does. Some fool of a an inventor who looks an awful lot like you.” Suddenly, the man stopped speaking. A metal slab lifted slightly as a face peeked out. “Karl?”

Karl stared at the face peeking out at him.

“Why it’s you! You’re him!” The door to the home opened up as a man with wild, white hair and a beard stepped out embracing Karl. “You’re the crazy inventor who made my generator.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.”

The two men embraced in a friendly hug. Thinking it was safe, Dana and Kenny left their hiding place. Immediately, Richard raised his weapon pointing it at them.

“Stop! Stop!” Karl stepped between them. “They’re with me.”

“With you?” Richard eyed Dana and Kenny a moment. “You mean I can’t shoot them?”

“No,” said Karl.

“Oh, fine. All of you inside now before the satellites find you. Come on, don’t dawdle.”

About Janet McNulty

Ms. McNulty began writing short stories at an early age. That passion continued through college until she published her first book: Legends Lost: Amborese under the pen name of Nova Rose. Since then she has gone on to publish a mystery series, children’s books, and even a dystopian series
Recently, her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s causing her to visit her grandparent’s and record her grandfather’s memoirs before they become lost. The final result is Grandpa’s Stories: The 20th Century as My Grandfather Lived It. She did this to preserve her family history before it becomes lost.

Ms. McNulty currently lives in West Virginia where she enjoys hiking, being outside, crocheting, or simply sitting around and doing nothing. She continues writing.

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