Interview with Rosie Morgan, author of The Golden Sword

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Interview with Rosie Morgan, author of The Golden SwordThe Golden Sword by Rosie Morgan
on 12/12/2012
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 187
Format: eBook
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All Arthur Penhaligon wants is to have a normal life, doing normal things.
But before he was born - a VERY long time before - Arthur was Chosen.
His life is going to be anything but ordinary.

Skateboarding down his local street Arthur realises that everyone has disappeared, except for one man – and a crow. And the man is waiting for him.

Arthur and his friends, Nick and Tamar, quickly find themselves pulled into a strange and dark world of ancient magic, deep mystery and danger.
A world where people travel through time, animals take control and a mythical sword becomes real.
A world where the murderous Crow Man, and Matearnas, the self-crowned Queen of Cornwall, are determined to rob Arthur of his ancient birthright.
At any cost.

Normal is about to go out of the window.

And it all starts on page 1....

At the end of the street the mist swirled and shifted. A shape flew out of the enveloping cloud and circled before settling on a gate post.

Moments later a tall, dark shadow silently followed. His long coat flowed behind him, and he wore a broad-brimmed hat pulled down low over his face. He strode purposefully along the street before coming to a halt outside the house where the bird waited.

The stranger examined the house intently. Then he nodded towards the bird and taking something out of his pocket, tossed it to the ground. Satisfied, he spun around and retraced his steps to disappear once more, into the mist.

The bird cawed once, spread its wings and followed.


Today we have an interview and giveaway from author Rosie Morgan, author of The Golden Sword, and soon to be released The Time Smugglers.

Interview with Rosie Morgan

Hi, I’m Rosie Morgan and I’m the author of, ‘The Golden Sword’ (The Camelot Inheritance – Book 1).

I’d like to start by saying a very big ‘thank you’ to Michael for inviting me to take part in his blog. It’s great to be here.

Michael is also kindly hosting a Giveaway. The kindle edition of ‘The Golden Sword’ could be flying your way, joined by the sequel as soon as it’s released, in late October.

Can you talk a little bit about the book?

‘The Golden Sword’ is the first in, ‘The Camelot Inheritance series’ and is set in Cornwall, UK, where I live.
Cornwall is a wonderful county. It’s the ‘toe’ of England, with the sea to its sides and the river Tamar across the top. It also happens to have legendary connections with King Arthur – a crucial element in the plot.

This is ‘The Golden Sword’ in a nutshell –

‘Arthur Penhaligon is a reluctant teenage hero, chosen before birth to be Cornwall’s protector.
Until now his life has been the life of any average kid; hanging out with his friends, school and skateboarding.
But life is about to get complicated.
This is the story of his battle against dark and powerful forces.
It’s a story of time-travelling and ancient knights and deep magic.
Will Arthur and his friends hold out against the evil Matearnas and her allies?
Or will he be defeated?
One thing’s for certain – normal is going out of the window.’

Where did you get the idea for the book?

The story of ‘The Golden Sword’ sort of crept up on me and took over. I honestly can’t say when the seed was first sown! But before I knew it, I was jotting down ideas and writing the first draft. Then life got in the way and, for several years, the manuscript was left to gather dust until early 2012. It was a chance remark by a friend (thank you Rob), and having more time, that permitted the pages to be dusted off, re-read, re-written, edited and re-edited.

Can you talk a little about how you write?

My writing method involves a lot of walking and note-taking. I do a very rough outline of the story but, however much I plan, unknown characters and events creep in without even asking. They help to decide the story – and the outcome – I have very little say in it!

Who is your favorite character?

‘The Golden Sword’ features three friends; Arthur, Nick and Tamar. I love Nick, he makes me giggle, probably because he reminds me of some of the boys I’ve taught. But I also really enjoy the Watchers, the time travellers who are observing events, and their interaction with each other.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

As for when I knew I wanted to write, it’s been a slow-burn thing.

Anyone who’s had the privilege to teach, will know that there’s nothing more magical than watching a class full of children hanging on every word as you read a story to them.

It was my dream to create that story; one that would captivate children and urge them to turn the pages.

What are your favorite books and authors?

Through the years I’ve been inspired by so many great authors. I love Roald Dahl, T.H.White, C.S. Lewis or Louis de Bernieres, I could go on and on, but I’d only bore you.

And there are many fabulous books lodged both in my brain and on my bookshelves, such as ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ or ‘The Once and Future King’.

What are you working on next?

As I said, ‘The Golden Sword’ is the first in ‘The Camelot Inheritance’ series. The second is due out very soon and is called, ‘The Time Smugglers’. Hold on to your hats guys because there’s magic, time travelling and a tiny dragon involved.

And ‘The Time Smugglers’ starts like this:

‘Chapter One
~ The enemy returns ~

The seal pushed himself off the rocks and slid into the sea. Moments later he emerged beneath the creaking hull of the ship, tall masts swaying in rhythm with the rise and fall of the water. The animal swam from stern to bow before coming to rest below the prow.

Above the seal a figure leant over the rail, surveying the cliffs rising up from the water’s edge. His gaze was drawn towards a tiny hamlet nestling in a wooded valley.

A light flickered in a cottage window; a door opened and snatches of conversation escaped into the night. The man leant further forward, straining to catch the words, but was interrupted by a shout from somewhere deep inside the ship. He turned, irritated, and after casting a quick look back towards the cottage disappeared from his watch. Below him, the sea-hidden spy vanished beneath the waves as silently as he’d arrived.

In the hold of the ship, the ancient pocket watch continued to tick, marking the seconds and minutes until the meeting with the Time Keeper. It waited, its cogs patiently turning, to be handed to its new owner.

Tick – another second, would the Time Keeper be young or old, male or female?

The pocket watch calmed its hands and adjusted its face. It had been over two hundred years since it had been held by the last Time Keeper, since they’d travelled through time together. What difference would a few more hours or days make? But still its emeralds glittered in anticipation. It chimed once – it could feel that the Time Keeper was nearby – not long now.

On the cliff path the following morning the air was disturbed by a ‘woomph’.

A figure stepped out of the shadows. He appeared to be a keen walker, although wearing a woolly hat and a thick anorak is unusual in the summer – even in England. He was a Watcher, one of the few trusted to travel between times and places.

The Watcher, who was disguised as a walker, scanned the sea and the land around the bay. He observed, ‘A ship lies beyond Lemayne Island and three of the four Guardians are together on the hillside.’

A question drifted out from the trees overhanging the path; he surveyed the hill above the beach. He could see three teenagers sitting in the grass, two boys and a girl. And one of the boys had a dog by his side.

‘Yes,’ he replied. ‘The Chosen One is with them.’

He redirected his gaze out to sea at the wooden-masted sailing ship. He followed a movement on the deck and frowned.

‘It seems they are assembling. The woman is on the ship and she won’t be alone.’
He examined the activity on board the ship for a few more moments before turning and walking back into the shadows at the side of the path.

A sparrow happened to be flying along the cliff way at the instant when there was another ‘woomph’. There was a chirrup and the bird disappeared with the walker, sucked into another time; a downy feather floating gently to earth, the only evidence that it had ever been there.

‘So, are you staying with your aunt all summer?’

‘Dunno, depends how long Mum and Dad are away I suppose,’ Arthur replied.

‘Well, it’s a pretty good place to stay,’ Nick said. ‘It’s great having the beach at the end of the garden.’

Arthur nodded, lazily watching a vapour trail stretch across the sky. They were sitting on a hillside above a secluded bay. Fields and woods ran down to the sea below them, whilst the little beach café was doing a brisk trade in ice-creams and Cornish cream teas.

‘Is Gawain coming over?’ Tamar asked.

Arthur shook his head, ‘He has to help out in the shop today. They’ve been really busy.’

‘Bet he’s fed up,’ Nick said.

Gawain was the fourth of the Guardians. In the last year the four of them had spent a lot of time together. After all, who else would understand the strange world they’d been plunged into on that mysterious night when they’d been made Guardians of Cornwall? Who else could cope with talk of knights, magical animals and time travel? So they really had become the four musketeers, as Nick had called them. Bonded by magic and duty.

There was a lull in the conversation before Nick suddenly remarked, ‘You know Arthur, there’s something about your aunt that reminds me of Michael and Angela Jolly.’

‘Apart from the cakes, you mean?’ Tamar said, grinning. Angela Jolly’s cakes were as legendary as she’d been mysterious.

‘I do think about other stuff too!’ Nick retorted. He paused briefly, ‘It’s just that there’ve been a few times when I’m sure I’ve seen her do that stopping and listening thing.’

Arthur propped himself up on one elbow, ‘Go on.’

Nick said, ‘Tamar, do you remember last year, when we were on the moors looking for Arthur – how Michael kept listening as if he was tuned into something that we couldn’t hear? I’m sure I’ve seen her do that.’

Tamar frowned thoughtfully, ‘Yeah, you could be right.’

‘That’s odd,’ Arthur said. ‘I’ve never noticed.’

There was a brief silence while they considered Arthur’s aunt. But Nick was fiddling with the silver chain and sword he was wearing around his neck, and already his grasshopper mind had moved on.

‘Do you two keep your swords on all the time?’

They nodded and Arthur said, ‘Remember what Michael said when he gave them to us? He told us we had to wear them.’

‘I know,’ Nick said. ‘But it’s been a whole year since we saw him and nothing’s happened.’

They thought about that night and its magic – and about their commissioning but, Nick was right, nothing unusual had happened since then.

A seagull floated high above them, caught on the thermals. Cotton wool clouds drifted across the blue sky, whilst below them the waves lapped on to the shingle.

Arthur stretched and stroked Lightning. The dog opened one eye, yawned and rolled over. None of them noticed a tall, long-limbed figure scrambling over the rocks at the edge of the beach accompanied by a midnight-feathered bird.

A sun-hatted toddler was busy examining a rock pool. Out at sea yachts glided lazily, whilst towards the shore people swam and paddled. It was a picture-perfect scene. Tamar, watching the activity on the beach didn’t immediately register the change in the temperature of the sword hanging around her neck. But an instant later, all three of them had their chains in their hands.

Tamar exclaimed, ‘My sword’s freezing!’

‘Mine is too,’ Nick said.

Arthur held the sword away from his neck and looked around. Everything looked so ordinary. But a sudden drop in temperature was almost certainly a sign that something, or someone, dangerous was near.

The waiting was over.’

If you’d like to read the first couple of chapters of ‘The Golden Sword’, follow this link and click ‘read inside’-

And if you want to find out more about me, or see photos of Cornwall and the setting for the series, I’d be delighted if you’d visit my blog:


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About Rosie Morgan

Rosie Morgan has lived most of her adult life in Cornwall, the setting for ‘Arthur and the Last Knight’.

Before writing for older children and teenagers, she had many happy years teaching some wonderful children in Cornish primary schools.

She has also painted on the hills of Bodmin Moor, in the woods nearby and on the beaches which frame Cornwall.

She loves cats, throwing parties, really dark chocolate, the Eden Project and her family.

-Not necessarily in that order.

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