Interview with Daniel Costa, author of Flames Reborn

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Interview with Daniel Costa, author of Flames RebornFlames Reborn by Daniel J. Costa
Published by CreateSpace on 9-15-2014
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 314

Nine Eons ago, the World of Atmotis was forged by The Originators. Following the Great Betrayal the World has been guarded by the Mystical Phoenix. Atmotis now has an unknown evil stirring.

Here a paranoid Emperor strives to protect his realm from a mad deity; a few grief stricken sages learn ancient secrets lost to the world; an assassin sworn to a dark power undertakes his most arduous mission yet; and a retired mercenary pursuing vengeance come together in ways to support and thwart a young girl named Phae who realizes that her life has a greater purpose than cataloging books.

This is a tale of Magick, weapons and martial arts; happiness, anguish and revenge; faiths shattered, loyalties questioned, and secret schemes. Can our hero save the world or will the blight consume it?

Interview with Daniel Costa

Can you talk a little about what the book is about?

Flames Reborn is the story of a girl named Phae, who comes across a relic in lands east of the city she lives in. After a vision, Phae realizes she must go on a quest. She meets a retired mercenary who wishes to go along with her. At the same time that is occurring, Rudellus, the Emperor of the region has been given warnings from an unknown voice about a “Reborn” and that he needs find this “Reborn. On the last end of the main characters, Kaine, whom is an assassin is sent on a mission from his blight mistress Beatrix. After completing the mission he is sent to find the “Reborn.”

What makes your book unique?

I like to think its unique because I take a myth of a Phoenix being reborn from its own ashes, and give it an entirely new world and idea about it.

Where did you get the idea for the book?

I was at work, reading one of Brandon Sanderson’s books, I think the Mistborn Trilogy. My thoughts were all over the place as I was new to reading fantasy, and the idea slowly came to life.

Is there any message you want readers to get from reading the book?

You might not know it yet, because you may think you are stuck in a perpetual moment in time, but greater things will happen to you.

How long did it take to write the book?

From the first word to the end of the rough draft took about 6 months. Then it took another six months to edit until it was complete.

Who is your favorite character, or what character was the most fun to write?

Phae is my favorite character by far. A total badass martial artist who never lets people walk over her without consequences. But Kaine had to be my favorite character to actually write. He has more of a darker world than Phae’s, but it slowly changes and the changes that happen to him were quite fun to write.

Can you talk about how you wrote it? Did you do any outlining? Did it take you in any unexpected directions?

When I first had the idea, I was on my phone and set up a notepad and wrote down a really quick story. It had different fighting scenes and what would happen at random areas. It was very vague compared to the idea I have for the trilogy now. When I was writing it more and more things were born to the world, and so as I wrote I added more and more and finally the small outline for the story I had became a full trilogy idea.

If you could go back and change anything in the novel, what would it be?

I actually don’t think I would change anything in the novel. I edited enough times where I was actually blissful with the end result.

How did you come up with the cover?

I wanted the cover to stand out, and I wanted it to be a part of what happened inside the book at the same time.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Last year, sometime in august. I never really had any intention of becoming a writer, I just had the idea in my head, and wanted to write down what my imagination could bring to life.

What was the first story that you ever wrote?

Besides Flames Reborn, It might have been a short story when I was in 8th grade, about killer jellyfish. It got an A though, that was one good thing.

What is your favorite genre, and why?

Epic fantasy is by far my favorite genre. I haven’t really read much of others besides Valhalla Rising from Clive Cussler. I love fantasy because it brings me into these new worlds and original forms of magic and enemies that have never been made or written before.

Are there any books you are absolutely inspired by?

The Way of Kings, and The Mistborn Trilogy completely inspired me to take up writing. I read almost every Brandon Sanderson book before I began writing, but those two novel(s) were put into somewhere special in my heart.

What are you working on next?

I am currently working on the second book of the Flames Reborn Trilogy. I haven’t finalized a title yet, but my rough draft version is “Sage of Light.”

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

I am sure my advice has been spoken by many before but, just keep writing and even if you hit writers block and can’t seem to figure how to write the next section, don’t let it throw you off course. Look ahead, and maybe plan out a chapter or two ahead, it may give you insight on the prior chapters, and may actually make you rethink your already written chapters.

How do you juggle writing with family time?

I do not have a family myself. I only have a corgi puppy. She is time consuming since she never runs out of energy, but after play time when she is resting is when I try to sit down and get words written.

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