Immune (Rho Agenda #2) Review

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, profanity, and/or violence.
Immune (Rho Agenda #2) ReviewImmune by Richard Phillips
Series: The Rho Agenda #2
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 613
Format: Audiobook
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Book Two in the Rho Agenda trilogy

In the final pages of the spellbinding novel The Second Ship, NSA director Jonathan Riles failed to halt the Rho Project’s infiltration of the US government. Now the Project’s alien nano-serum is loosed upon the world, disguised as a miracle cure and leaving too many people—good people—dead. And anyone still alive to challenge the Project won’t be for long: an assassin known only as El Chupacabra is systematically eliminating any and all opposition.

At the top of the hit list is NSA fixer Jack Gregory, along with Heather McFarland and Mark and Jennifer Smythe, the three teenagers who first exposed the Rho Project’s evil agenda. In just a few short months, the trio has seen life as they know it stripped away, trapping them in a confusing new reality where human DNA is modified at an alarming rate. Struggling to understand what they are becoming and on the run for their lives, the teens and their remaining allies must stop the Rho Project before it alters the very fabric of humanity.

Immune is the 2nd novel in the Rho Agenda series. The three teens Jennifer, Heather, and Mark must work to stop the government from unleashing evil Rho-ship technologies upon the populace.

I really enjoyed this book as it had some major action and some really well-developed characters. I most liked the Navajo sheriff Tall Bear, the drug lord, the assassin (chupacabra), and Jack. Also Raul had some interesting development too. There were a few characters in this novel that were so absolutely insane that it had to take the author quite some work and imagination to come up with their thought processes. With the exception of Jack and Janet, most of my favorite characters in this series were introduced in this novel. We also learn more about the technologies and capabilities of both ships, which was really interesting to me.

As for what I didn’t like: The three main teen protagonists really didn’t develop a whole lot of this book and spent parts of it unfocused and untasked. And Jennifer… I didn’t think it was possible for a character to be such an idiot. She derails a good portion of the book. Dr. Stephenson remained a flat, absolute boring character, and most of his government cronies like the vice president were equally boring. We’re in two books here and still have no idea who Stephenson is, what his motivations are, etc. We really see almost no humanity in the man. Thankfully he didn’t take as much of a front seat in this novel as he could have. Also this is a really long book and there were some parts that were a bit slow and boring.

Also surprisingly, the profanity level in this novel was really high. It wasn’t necessarily gratuitous, but rather a ton of characters with potty mouths. There were also parts that were gruesome and just plain adult material (rape, murder, etc.). I would have to say that while I thought the first book was upper YA, I think this book is more appropriate to adults, despite the teen protagonists.

Overall, this was a great novel with lots of action and a bunch of well-rounded characters (except Stephenson). I’m looking forward to the next book.

I listened to the audiobook and felt that the narrator did a super job. He didn’t do a screaming woman the best, and he missed a few voices here and there, but it was extremely rare.


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  1. Marni J

    Love the cover, it truly has a creep factor to it. Great review too. I hadn’t heard of this series before, but I’m not putting on my tbr list.