Hybrid Earth SciFi Comic

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Hybrid Earth SciFi ComicHybrid Earth by Rustin Petrae
Genres: Science Fiction

In December of 2013 the latest weapon of mass destruction was created. It was called the nano-bomb. Scientist believed that by combining tiny, microscopic robots with a nuclear warhead, they would be able to direct and control the explosion. They were wrong. The first and last bomb was exploded into Earth’s stratosphere. When the irradiated nanobots came back down, they drifted across the entire globe and merged humans with whatever metal or machine they happened to be touching at the time. These combination human/machines were called Hybrids. Some of these creations were so powerful that a force, called the Hybrid Enforcement Agency, was created to police them and keep them in line.

Hybrid Earth follows the story of HEA Officer Xander Hastings and his Orb, Link. Together they try to keep track of the chaos and make sure that innocent people aren’t caught in the crossfire. It’s a tough job, especially in a world where almost everyone has abilities and Officer Hastings has none. Yet, even though he is constantly overmatched against beings more powerful than himself, he still finds a way to get the job done.

A new comic called Hybrid Earth has been released. Written by Rustin Petrae, and illustrated by Frederick Allison, Jr.

Get more info on the Facebook page or at Scattered Comics.

If you are interested in buying a copy, contact Rustin at the Facebook link above.

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About Rustin Petrae

I’m Rustin Petrae, a graphic designer out of Ohio. I was actually born in San Antonio, Texas but spent nearly half my life overseas. I grew up on Misawa Air Force Base, Japan and then went on to Seoul, South Korea and then onto Osan Air Force Base, South Korea where I graduated from Osan American High School. I loved that life. I loved living in a country where I was able to absorb different cultures and traditions. I learned a lot from that and I use a lot of what I learned in my writing.
I started very early on. In fact, I can remember one of my elementary school teachers asking us all what we wanted to be when we grew up. My answer was that I wanted to either be a cartoonist or an author. Well, I didn’t end up being a cartoonist (although I still draw and create my own characters). I went on to pursue the graphic design route, but I never did give up on writing. I think I really started to pursue it again when I was a senior in high school. That’s when I tried to get a little more serious about it and also when I completed one of my first short stories. Ever since then, I have written several stories, flash fictions, a couple of novellas, and two novels.

I’ve always enjoyed the creative process. I love taking things and seeing them through until they are something real. Something you can actually grab onto. For me, the creative spark really began in Misawa, Japan. All of my friends, myself included, would make up characters, cartoons and the worlds they would go in. Shortly after that I started drawing and spent a long time creating even more characters. It wasn’t until a couple of class projects where we had to write and make our own books that I realized I could write about the characters that I drew.

Everything just sort of spun off from that and I’ve spent nearly my whole life creating these characters and sharpening them and their worlds until I have stories that I like. I hope that everyone else likes them too.

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