Ender Alive! Review

April 19, 2014 Reviews 0

Ender Alive! ReviewEnder Alive! by Orson Scott Card
Format: Audiobook

Experience Ender's Game as you've never heard it before! With an all-new, original script written by Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game Alive is a full cast audio drama that reimagines the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning classic.

Ender’s Game Alive puts you into Battle School with young Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, as he trains to become the general who will lead Earth against the Formics, the alien "buggers". Removed from his family at the age of six, Ender must prove his strength and his leadership, even as he fights his own doubts. The stakes are nothing less than the fate of humankind.

Ender's Game Alive is performed by Kirby Heyborne, Stefan Rudnicki, Theodore Bikel, Scott Brick, Samantha Eggar, Harlan Ellison, Susan Hanfield, Roxanne Hernandez, Janis Ian, Rex Linn, Richard McGonagle, Jim Meskimen, Emily Rankin, John Rubinstein, Christian Rummel, and a full cast.

Directed by Gabrielle de Cuir

Original Score by John Rubinstein

Valentine's Theme by Janis Ian

Additional music and arrangements by Mark Mitchell

Ender’s Game is one of my favorite sci-fi novels so I thought I would check out the audio dramatized version called Ender’s Alive! It was very well done and a faithful representation of the story. Obviously it is abridged and entirely dialogue but still has more content than the movie had. There were a few parts in the beginning with the children that seemed a bit stupid to me. I think they could have done that better. And they gave some of the children some weird accents (Jamaican, etc.). Once the story got going though everything went well and the acting was very well done. And while it doesn’t immerse you quite as well as reading the books, it still did a great job of telling this story. Definitely a good purchase.

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