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Elevation of the Marked ReviewElevation of the Marked by March McCarron
Series: The Marked Series #2
on 12-4-2014
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 365
Format: eBook
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At the end of Division of the Marked, it seemed that Quade Asher and his Elevated planned to start a war. In Elevation, Bray, Yarrow, and Ko-Jin will learn the truth: Quade need not fight a single battle; he has already won.

With his ability to charm and persuade, Quade holds the entire nation enthralled. Those who resist are labeled defectors and are widely hunted. For these outlaws, no place is safe; no one can be trusted. The Elevated have eyes everywhere.

Desperate to counter Quade’s control, the group who could once barely coexist must now rely solely upon each other. Ko-Jin strives to protect those most in danger, Bray seeks weaknesses, and Yarrow discovers long-lost knowledge of the Chisanta; but when Quade threatens to commit his worst atrocity yet, they all must come out of hiding to defy their enemy face-to-face.

In this second book, Yarrow and Bray must fight against Quade from taking over the monarchy. It picks up right where the first novel left off, and it took me a little while to get into it again since its been a while since I read the first book. It opens with a bang and just keeps going full blast the whole way. Quade is a really well-done villain with some major mental issues. Yarrow continues to be a strong character who makes huge sacrifices for his friends and country. Arlow is really interesting as he walks a line between multiple sides, and Bray is a flat-out heroine in this novel. The Elevated have a large range of abilities and several of them are developed deeply and make a big impact in the book. The world building continues to be great and we get some back story into the origins of the marked. Overall a wonderful read and I am really looking forward to the next book.


About March McCarron

March McCarron grew up outside of Philadelphia. She earned a BA in English, and—useless degree in hand—went on to wait tables and sell used cars. More recently, she moved to South Korea with her husband, where she teaches English at a private academy. Aside from writing, she loves travel, craft beer, folk music, and all things geek.

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