The Dystopia Chronicles Review

December 13, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★½

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The Dystopia Chronicles ReviewThe Dystopia Chronicles by Matthew Mather
Series: Atopia #2
Published by 47North on 8-12-2014
Length: 11:19
Genres: Dystopia, Science Fiction
Pages: 416
Format: Audiobook
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The second book in the bestselling Atopia series.

Cast out from Atopia, Robert Baxter undertakes a globe-trotting quest to find his friend Willy's lost body, which just may hold the key to understanding the dangers facing his home and Jimmy Scadden's role in the disasters that are spreading across the world.

As Robert pieces together the puzzle, he realizes that mankind's ravenous consumption of natural resources is no longer the most immediate threat to this world. As full-scale global war erupts and an ancient apocalyptic threat resurfaces, Robert must risk losing the ones he loves to save the planet from destruction.

The second book in the Atopia series is all about Bob and his friends going on a quest to find Willy’s body. Meanwhile, the entire world is close to destruction and only these guys can stop it.

This book has a lot of great action. The scale is truly global and it throws up surprises the whole way. It continues to explore all kinds of great ideas with virtual reality, neural networks, etc. Bob, Sid, and Vince go on a global journey not only to find Willy’s body, but to learn the truth about Jimmy, Atopia, and the forces working to destroy everything. The ending was quite unexpected..the author really took a chance with it.

There were some things I didn’t like. The book has an anti-religious tone, especially Christianity. Also, I felt that many things in the book were not adequately explained. Some things were even explained, with the reader being told later that the explanation was wrong, but yet no alternative was given. Many of the things in the book didn’t make a lot of sense if you looked deeper, and the epilogue was extremely confusing.

Despite the issues with the book, I found it overall to be very entertaining and interesting, and well worth the read. I sincerely enjoyed it.

I listened to the audible version of the book, and I found it very well produced. The narrator does a wonderful job reading and also doing all of the various voices in the novel.

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