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June 13, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★★½

Creators ReviewCreators (Contributor, #0.5) by Nicole Ciacchella
Series: Contributor #0.5
Published by NPC Books on 7-14-2012
Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult
Pages: 83
Format: eBook
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When the imminent collapse of the world’s food system threatens to all but eradicate the human race, it’s up to nineteen-year-old Liang Zhang to determine which of his company’s employees will live and which will die.

Liang and the other Job Creators have only weeks to choose which of their staff and families to move into the domes, the last refuges on the barren planet. Despite their best efforts, the Job Creators are unable to keep their selection project under wraps, spurring violent protests against the privileged few.

Now, Liang must race: against starvation, against insurrection, and against his own conscience.

Creators is a prequel to Contributor in which Liang Zhang must struggle with his company’s failure to provide enough food for the world. He must make tough decisions that ultimately ends with the creation of the Zhang dome. This is a short, quick read that really shows the turmoil the world went through and what difficult decisions the job creators had to make in dealing with the food collapse and the solution of the domes.

I really enjoyed this and it gave a lot of good backstory to what what shown in the rest of the trilogy. You really root for Zhang and what he goes through (inheriting the mess from his father), as well as what the other job creators did. You can see how they start with good intentions when first creating the domes. This story is centered on Zhang so we don’t get a whole lot of insight into Magnum other than their creation of transports and security.

This is a good read for anyone who has read the other books and I highly recommend it.


About Nicole Ciacchella

Nicole also publishes under the pen names Elizabeth Darcy and Anne Wentworth.

Nicole has had a lifelong passion for the written word. As a child, one of her most treasured Christmas gifts was an electric typewriter, which enabled her to crank out her stories even more quickly than she could with a pen. Naturally, the personal computer is one of her favorite inventions. When she isn’t writing, Nicole can usually be found curled up in a chair, whiling away the hours with a good book.

One of Nicole’s other great passions is travel, and she has visited Europe, as well as traveling to many of the fifty states. Her favorite trips include visits to Paris, Maui, and various parts of Belgium. She feels fortunate that she is married to a native Belgian, as it gives her plenty of reasons to visit Europe as often as possible. Also, it gives her an excuse to eat Belgian waffles regularly.

Born and raised in Michigan, Nicole lives there still with her husband and two beautiful children. She thinks Michigan is the greatest state in the country, and Michigan State University is the greatest university in the world.

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