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The Contributor ReviewContributor by Nicole Ciacchella
Series: Contributor #1
Published by Sweenix Rising Books on 1-2-2014
Genres: Dystopia, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 233
Format: eBook
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When the Great Famine threatened the existence of mankind, the Creators saved humanity. Humanity has been their loyal subject ever since.

This history has been ingrained in seventeen-year-old Dara Morrow since her first day of Creator-sponsored school. Grateful for the life-giving necessities her Creator provides, Dara is thrilled to be one of three students chosen for an elite, year-long apprenticeship program. Now is her chance to prove herself a devoted Contributor.

But Dara’s competition is ruthless and will stop at nothing to win the competition. Worse yet, her exacting master has little patience for her.

Then Dara’s mother is seriously injured, and Dara realizes the price of being a Contributor: once you’ve outlived your usefulness, you’re discarded. Can Dara learn to manipulate the system to save not only herself, but everyone she loves?

Contributor is about a girl named Dara who lives in a dome entirely run by Magnum. As long as citizens contribute by working for Magnum, their basic needs are met. Dara is finally given an opportunity to compete for a chance to be assistant to the head of engineering. Along the way, she discovers just how cutthroat and ruthless employees will be to protect their jobs and ambitions. And once her mother is hurt in an accident, Dara discovers that everyone is expendable when they are no longer useful to the company. And ultimately Dara has to decide what to do about that.

I really enjoyed this story. It is a good dystopia mixed with a coming of age story and what a family will do to protect itself. And what a company will do to anyone who isn’t contributing to their bottom line. Dara is really likable and interesting. Her rivals are well done (although one is a bit cliched at times), and her mentor is truly multi-layered. The setting is really interesting…a world saved by and yet totally dependent on corporations (who put their own interests ahead of everyone).

The plot seemed a bit slow in the beginning as we’re introduced to the world and Dara’s job but then an event happens that really shoots the story in a new direction and opens up the world and possibilities to the reader. Her world view and relationships are tested and she really grows into a strong young woman.

Ultimately I found the story engaging and a great dystopia. I’m really looking forward to reading the next book.


About Nicole Ciacchella

Nicole also publishes under the pen names Elizabeth Darcy and Anne Wentworth.

Nicole has had a lifelong passion for the written word. As a child, one of her most treasured Christmas gifts was an electric typewriter, which enabled her to crank out her stories even more quickly than she could with a pen. Naturally, the personal computer is one of her favorite inventions. When she isn’t writing, Nicole can usually be found curled up in a chair, whiling away the hours with a good book.

One of Nicole’s other great passions is travel, and she has visited Europe, as well as traveling to many of the fifty states. Her favorite trips include visits to Paris, Maui, and various parts of Belgium. She feels fortunate that she is married to a native Belgian, as it gives her plenty of reasons to visit Europe as often as possible. Also, it gives her an excuse to eat Belgian waffles regularly.

Born and raised in Michigan, Nicole lives there still with her husband and two beautiful children. She thinks Michigan is the greatest state in the country, and Michigan State University is the greatest university in the world.

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