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The Atopia Chronicles ReviewThe Atopia Chronicles by Matthew Mather
Series: Atopia Chronicles #1
Published by PhutureNews Publishing on 8-2-2012
Length: 14:8
Genres: Dystopia, Science Fiction
Pages: 545
Format: Audiobook
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Dr. Patricia Killiam is rushing to help save the world from itself by giving everyone everything they’ve always wanted. The questions is, is she unwittingly saving the world only to cast it towards an even worse fate as humanity hurtles across the brink of forever.

What could be worse than letting billions die? In the future, be careful what you wish for.

The Atopia Chronicles are an exploration of the meaning love, life and the pursuit of happiness in a world teetering on the brink of post-humanism and eco-Armageddon.

The Atopia Chronicles is a book about a future where virtual worlds are a reality, everyone is networked in their minds, virtual AI’s co-inhabit bodies, and advanced technology is everywhere. The sociey of Atopia is an artificial island in the Pacific that is leading the way with the deployment of a world-wide technology to hook people into virtual worlds. Yet the world is quickly running out of resources. I went in to this not knowing what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised. The book tackles all kinds of “what if” scenarios that might happen when people can escape into virtual worlds anytime they want. I don’t want to spoil the book, but suffice to say it was extremely imaginative and you can tell the author put a lot of time and thought into thinking through all the possibilities.

The writing was also top-notch and very few sections felt slow to me. For the most part, I felt the novel kept going at a great pace and there is plenty of mystery and questions to keep you wanting to read more and learn what is going on (there are mysterious storms threatening Atopia, one character cannot find his physical body, etc.). Different parts of the book are from different character’s perspectives and all of these characters are tied together like puzzle pieces that match in the end.

Overall a great SciFi series and one I look forward to reading more of in the future.

I listened to the Audible version and found the narrator to be excellent. There were a few times he got carried away, but it was far and few between.

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